About Us

 What is BatWaves?

BatWaves was started back in 1987 by a group of snowboarders in Northern Idaho.  This innovative group of "Knuckle Draggers" designed a mitt that could withstand the extreme Northwest winters as well as the beating that both snowboarders & skiers put their gear through. 

BatMitts were adapted from a mitt designed for the grueling Iditabike race; a 200 mile trek across the famed snowy Iditarod trail in Alaska.  BatWaves quickly became a top name in the exploding world of snowboarding.  We sponsored many top riders that went on to become legends in the industry. Which those legends include but not limited to, Mike “Tex” Davenport & Jeff Fulton, all members of the famed Mt. Baker Hardcore (MBHC). Other huge names in the industry that played a role were Keith Wallace, Anton Pogue, Jay Liska and Nate Holland. These riders have become the core of our research and development team that has tested and improved upon the mitts over a 20+ year period. Due to some legal complications in 1995, manufacturing was put on hold.

In 2007, BatWaves started production again on mitts, including custom options for teams, clubs or individuals. We currently manufacture the legendary BatMitt, as well as our new Wingers and Park Model mitts.

Del Sanborn, one of the individuals responsible for the original design and manufacturing of the Batmitt, has played an integral role in getting these mitts back into production. Currently Del has assisted in ensuring that our mitts surpass the standards set by BatWaves during the 80's & 90's. We take pride in manufacturing the mitt locally in the Inland Northwest, which allows us to ensure quality and consistency. That being said, we purchase our materials from US manufacturers only, to ensures we are putting the best quality materials available into our products.